General film studies
The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen
This book uses the prism of copyright to reconsider human agency and the politics of the archive, and asks what the practical implications are for educational institutions, the creative industries,...
€ 32,95
Screen Narrative in the Digital Era
This book identifies new phenomena in the fields of complex narration, puzzle film, and transmedia storytelling.
€ 37,95
Reflections on Film Theory, History and Culture 1982-2016
This anthology collects the essays of distinguished film critic Adrian Martin in one volume, offering in-depth analysis of many genres of films while providing a broad understanding of the history of...
€ 105,00
Alle bioscoopfilms van 2017
€ 29,95
This book takes an original transnational approach to the theme of Nazism and neo-Nazism in film, media, and popular culture, with examples drawn from mainland Europe, the UK, North and Latin America,...
€ 95,00
Film Semiology and Beyond
This book brings together a stellar roster of contributors to present a close analysis of Metz's writings, their theoretical and epistemological positions, and their ongoing influence today.
€ 56,95
Narrating the City in 1920s and 1930s Cinema
This book offers a close look at how directors such as Erich von Stroheim, Ernst Lubitsch, and Max Ophüls made use of the city of Vienna, and how the nostalgic glorification of the Habsburg era can...
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Narrating the City in 1920s and 1930s Cinema
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Alle bioscoopfilms van 2016
€ 27,50
'What Lies Beneath'
This book takes a close look at films that deal with ghosts. Making a crucial distinction between atmospheric films and conventional horror, Michael Walker argues that they are most productively...
€ 128,99
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