Media and Communication
Polemical Cinema in Socialist Yugoslavia (1963-1972)
This book is the first in English on the Yugoslav Black Wave, and it offers an analysis of the movement, its key players, its sociopolitical engagement, and its place in the larger story of European...
€ 95,00
Creativity, research, and industry joining forces
This book introduces a revolutionary new framework for academic research in the humanities.
€ 29,95
De politiek-bestuurlijke elite is vervreemd van het electoraat
€ 14,99
This book engages with neglected adaptations of the legend of the magician Faust's pact with the devil and reinterprets the more familiar ones, providing insight into the figuration of identity in the...
€ 85,00
The History and the Cultural Imaginary of Communication
€ 52,95
Fan Enterprise in an Alternative Economy
The book creates an innovative theoretical framework to introduce the concept of an 'alternative economy' as a way to understand fan productions.
€ 95,00
Cinema, Painting and Avant-Garde Experiment
This book looks at the largely neglected colour films of French film director Robert Bresson (1901—99) that can teach us about cinema’s distinctive ability to draw on painting, photography,...
€ 95,00
Intermediality and Affective Reception in Fan Cultures
This book offers a media ethnography of the digital culture, conventions, and urban spaces associated with fandoms, arguing that fandom is an area of productive, creative, and subversive value.
€ 95,00
The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen
This book uses the prism of copyright to reconsider human agency and the politics of the archive, and asks what the practical implications are for educational institutions, the creative industries,...
€ 32,95
Screen Narrative in the Digital Era
This book identifies new phenomena in the fields of complex narration, puzzle film, and transmedia storytelling.
€ 37,95
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